Vin de Terre – Organic Wholesale Wine Company

I was commissioned by Vin de Terre to create a brand that reflected its core value: the place where wine heritage meets the future. The first totally organic wine wholesaler in France.

Vin de Terre was founded as an organic wholesale wine company in the south of France, it was the first of its kind. My role was to help with Brand Strategy and then roll our all the results into a ground-breaking branding project.

The main hurdle to overcome was that France had not yet caught up with regard to the benefits of organic produce, which meant the term “organic” had to be an after-thought for the first year of operations.

identity design

“We will shortly be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. The business has survived some major ups and downs and in part, that is due to the outstanding branding Taya provided the business. I still refer to the brand positioning document to help guide my decision making, I am still very happy with the identity today, it has not become outdated, it still looks fresh and new… especially for this industry and I am still constantly complimented on the look and feel of the brand. She did an amazing job, providing me with exactly what I needed, but didn’t know I needed when we set up.”

Ewan Bird, husband, and owner of Vin de Terre

stationery design

packaging design