Le Toucan – Cafe Spectacle

This was a six month long project, my first in French, which saw us create a ‘cafe spectacle’ concept that became the heartbeat of the community, for old and young. It was a fun irreverent space for people to enjoy food and drink and unique theatrical experiences.

I was commissioned by the Toucan founders, Melodie & Cyril to create a strong restaurant brand that locals in the community would connect to. So I undertook my first brand positioning exercise in French and we spent three days brainstorming what this place would be called, what it would look like, what was important about it and how we could create a destination for people in the area, but also in the surrounding areas. Attracting not only great artists to perform in their humble venue but also a great family friendly meet up point. 

identity design

“This was the biggest project of our lives, to quit our jobs and set up a cafe spectacle. We weren’t sure where to begin and she helped us throughout the process, from start to finish! Not only do we love what she did visually, but we were very successful and all our clients raved about how different we looked and how cool the space was. Taya created a space that we could play in, and it was our child, we loved every minute.”

Melodie Charante, owner of Le Toucan

stationery design

façade design

The beginning
The design

packaging & interior design